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Book Coaching, Training & Workshops


e-Commerce coaching helps you and your organization  to achieve the best ecommerce performance to produce the results you may want in as professional in the ecommerce space. With our coaching services you ensure that you can get the best, learn and develop ecommerce skills. Coaching sessions duration can be from 1 up to four hours per week or month.


Strategic frameworks to manage growth in an ecommerce space.  Immersive executive education sessions to share industry best practices from opening your ecommerce store to brand awareness, marketing, store design, shopping & purchasing experience, payment processing options, and fulfillment, logistics, and delivery.

Workshops are usually, two (2) to four (4) hours of duration.


Classes or Courses sessions take you from the basic of ecommerce business models up to fulfillment, logistics and delivery.   A Class or course duration can be from eight (8) hours to forty (40) hours per class or course.

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