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Employee Experience

Employee experience (EX) refers to how employees feel about their job, work environment, and employer. Practical aspects of the job—such as pay, benefits, flexibility, and PTO—are important to the employee experience. But company culture is just as important.

AI-powered employee service

Use Zendesk for EX today with zero code or engineering help required. It works right out of the box, or you can customize with the HR tools in our marketplace—including Okta, LumApps, and more

An employee-friendly
approach to internal service
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Create a knowledge center to help your employees find critical information on their own, saving time for your IT and HR teams.

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The human-centered


Empower your HR team with a support platform that requires zero code or engineering help. Use Zendesk out-of-the-box, or customize with the HR tools in our marketplace—like Okta, Jira, and approval tracking

Provide Comprehensive and up-to-date help center resources


Eliminate information silos between departments

Department Office

Offer on going skill development opportunities

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Create a unified view of the employee to ensure agents have context

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Guide for the future of work

Build a stronger organization with a bottom-up approach. Listen to your employees and apply their feedback to company goals and decisions to boost employee retention.

What Clients Say


Brad Harris, Global Customer Support Director 

“Zendesk is really the hub of our entire support operation. Everything builds off of that. If we can just integrate something with Zendesk, then we've got this magical pipeline of data and information.”
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