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Smart.ADT IQ

Smart.ADT IQ is a managed service designed to help hospitals and clinics efficiently manage their Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) processes and Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs). By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) serverless products, Smart.ADT IQ streamlines the capture, classification, extraction, and enrichment of data, ensuring accurate and validated information within ADT and CCD systems. This service enables healthcare providers to comply with the Well-Architected Framework and optimize their operations.


Smart.ADT IQ is a game-changer for hospitals and clinics, offering a managed service that transforms ADT and CCD management. By leveraging AI and AWS serverless products, Smart.ADT IQ captures, classifies, extracts, and enriches data, ensuring accurate and validated information. This service enables healthcare providers to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance patient care while seamlessly complying with the Well-Architected Framework

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What we offer ?

Smart.ADT IQ is a managed service that optimizes ADT and CCD management using AI and AWS serverless technologies.

For Who ?

The service is designed for hospitals and clinics seeking to improve their ADT and CCD processes.

ADT IQ utilizes Amazon IDP and related serverless products to capture, classify, extract, and enrich clinical and administrative data, ensuring compliance with the Well-Architected Framework.

How do we Leverage AWS ?

Financial Benefits
  • Cost savings through automation and efficiency

  • Reduced administrative overhead

  • Avoidance of penalties associated with non-compliance

  • Potential for increased reimbursement through accurate coding and documentation

  • Improved resource allocation and utilization

Operational Benefits
  • Streamlined ADT and CCD management processes

  • Increased accuracy and data validation

  • Reduced manual effort and errors

  • Enhanced interoperability and data sharing

  • Improved patient care coordination

Benefits of the Cloud Adoption Framework

By considering these perspectives when integrating Smart.ADT IQ with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, hospitals and clinics can realize a wide range of benefits. From improved patient care and operational efficiency to enhanced security and scalability, this integration empowers healthcare organizations to leverage the power of cloud computing and AI to transform their ADT and CCD management processes.

Business Perspective
  • Improved Patient Care: Smart.ADT IQ streamlines ADT and CCD management, enabling healthcare providers to access accurate and up-to-date patient information, leading to better care coordination and improved patient outcomes.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By automating and optimizing ADT and CCD processes, Smart.ADT IQ reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and improves overall operational efficiency, allowing healthcare staff to focus on core patient care activities.

  • Cost Savings: The integration with AWS Cloud Adoption Framework enables hospitals and clinics to reduce infrastructure costs, minimize upfront investments, and pay only for the resources they consume, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Scalability and Agility: Smart.ADT IQ leverages the scalability and flexibility of AWS, allowing hospitals and clinics to quickly adapt to changing demands, scale their operations, and implement new features and improvements with ease.

  • Competitive Advantage: By adopting Smart.ADT IQ and the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, hospitals and clinics can differentiate themselves in the market, offering advanced technology solutions and improved patient experiences.

People Perspective
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Smart.ADT IQ facilitates seamless collaboration among healthcare teams by providing a centralized platform for accessing and sharing patient information, enabling better care coordination and communication.

  • Skill Development: Integrating Smart.ADT IQ with AWS Cloud Adoption Framework provides opportunities for healthcare staff to develop new skills and expertise in cloud computing, data management, and AI-driven solutions.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Smart.ADT IQ offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, reducing the learning curve for healthcare staff and enabling them to efficiently manage ADT and CCD processes.

  • Remote Accessibility: With Smart.ADT IQ hosted on AWS, healthcare staff can securely access patient information and perform ADT and CCD management tasks remotely, enabling flexibility and remote work capabilities.

Governance Perspective
  • Compliance and Security: Smart.ADT IQ leverages the robust security features and compliance certifications of AWS, ensuring the protection of sensitive patient data and adherence to healthcare regulations such as HIPAA.

  • Data Governance: The integration with AWS Cloud Adoption Framework enables hospitals and clinics to establish strong data governance practices, including data classification, access control, and auditing, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of patient information.

  • Policy Enforcement: AWS provides tools and services for enforcing and managing policies related to data access, usage, and retention, supporting the governance requirements of hospitals and clinics.

  • Risk Mitigation: By leveraging the security best practices and controls provided by AWS, Smart.ADT IQ helps mitigate risks associated with data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security threats.

Platform Perspective
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Smart.ADT IQ is built on the scalable infrastructure of AWS, allowing hospitals and clinics to handle growing data volumes and user demands without the need for extensive infrastructure management.

  • Serverless Architecture: The integration with AWS serverless technologies, such as AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, enables Smart.ADT IQ to scale automatically and efficiently, reducing operational overhead and improving performance.
    Integration Capabilities: AWS provides a wide range of services and APIs that facilitate integration between

  • Smart.ADT IQ and other healthcare systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and practice management software, enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability.

  • Managed Services: AWS offers managed services, such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Elasticsearch, which can be utilized by Smart.ADT IQ to simplify database management, search capabilities, and other platform components, reducing the burden on IT teams.

Security Perspective
  • Data Encryption: Smart.ADT IQ leverages AWS encryption services, such as AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and Amazon S3 server-side encryption, to protect sensitive patient data at rest and in transit.

  • Access Control: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables fine-grained access control and permissions management for Smart.ADT IQ, ensuring that only authorized users can access patient information based on their roles and responsibilities.

  • Network Security: AWS provides robust network security features, such as Amazon VPC and security groups, to create isolated and secure environments for Smart.ADT IQ, protecting against unauthorized network access.
    Continuous Monitoring: AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch enable continuous monitoring and logging of

  • Smart.ADT IQ activities, providing visibility into security events and facilitating prompt incident detection and response.

Operation Perspective
  • Automated Operations: Smart.ADT IQ leverages AWS services like AWS CloudFormation and AWS Systems Manager to automate the deployment, configuration, and management of the solution, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency across environments.

  • Monitoring and Logging: AWS provides comprehensive monitoring and logging capabilities, such as Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail, enabling hospitals and clinics to gain insights into the performance, health, and usage of Smart.ADT IQ.

  • Incident Management: AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch Alarms and AWS Lambda can be utilized to set up automated alerts and incident response workflows, ensuring prompt identification and resolution of operational issues.

  • Continuous Improvement: The integration with AWS Cloud Adoption Framework promotes a culture of continuous improvement, allowing hospitals and clinics to leverage AWS best practices, implement automation, and optimize their Smart.ADT IQ operations over time.

Leveraging AWS Well-Architected Framework

By leveraging AWS products and services across the Well-Architected Framework pillars, Smart.ADT IQ is built by using a serverless architecture that ensures operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. This approach allows hospitals and clinics to focus on delivering value through ADT and CCD management while benefiting from the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of AWS serverless solutions.

AWS products that can be integrated into Smart.ADT IQ, a healthcare solution for managing ADT (Admission, Discharge, and Transfer) and CCD (Continuity of Care Document) processes. These products enhance Smart.ADT IQ's capabilities in extracting insights and understanding unstructured healthcare data:

  • Amazon Textract: Extracts text, handwriting, and structured data from scanned ADT and CCD documents.

  • Amazon Comprehend Medical: Extracts insights and relationships from unstructured medical text using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

  • Amazon Rekognition: Analyzes and extracts information from medical images attached to ADT or CCD documents.

  • Amazon Transcribe Medical: Converts speech-to-text for medical dictations or audio recordings associated with ADT or CCD processes.

  • Amazon Translate: Translates ADT and CCD documents or patient information from one language to another.

  • Amazon QuickSight: Creates interactive dashboards and visualizations based on the data processed by Smart.ADT IQ.

The Core

Operational Excellence Pillar

  • AWS Lambda: Use AWS Lambda to build serverless functions that handle the processing and transformation of ADT and CCD data. Lambda allows for efficient and scalable execution of code without the need to manage underlying infrastructure.

  • Amazon CloudWatch: Utilize Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and logging of Smart.ADT IQ. CloudWatch provides insights into the performance, health, and usage of Lambda functions, enabling proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • AWS Step Functions: Implement AWS Step Functions to orchestrate and automate workflows within Smart.ADT IQ. Step Functions allows for the coordination of multiple Lambda functions and other AWS services, ensuring reliable and consistent execution of ADT and CCD processing steps.

  • AWS CloudFormation: Use AWS CloudFormation to define and provision the infrastructure resources needed for Smart.ADT IQ. CloudFormation enables the creation of templates that describe the required AWS resources, allowing for consistent and repeatable deployment of the solution.

  • WS Identity and Access Management (IAM): Utilize IAM to manage access control and permissions for Smart.ADT IQ. IAM allows for the creation of roles and policies that define the actions and resources that Lambda functions and other AWS services can access, ensuring the principle of least privilege.

  • Amazon Cognito: Implement Amazon Cognito for user authentication and authorization in Smart.ADT IQ. Cognito provides secure user management, allowing healthcare staff to authenticate and access the solution based on their roles and permissions.

  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS): Use KMS to encrypt sensitive data at rest and in transit within Smart.ADT IQ. KMS enables the creation and management of encryption keys, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF): Utilize AWS WAF to protect the API endpoints of Smart.ADT IQ from common web exploits and attacks. WAF helps safeguard against SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other security threats.

Security Pillar

Reliability Pillar

  • Amazon S3: Use Amazon S3 for durable and secure storage of ADT and CCD data. S3 provides high availability and durability, ensuring that patient information is reliably stored and accessible when needed.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Implement Amazon DynamoDB as a serverless NoSQL database for storing and retrieving structured data within Smart.ADT IQ. DynamoDB offers high scalability, low latency, and automatic scaling, ensuring reliable performance even under high traffic loads.

  • AWS Lambda: Leverage AWS Lambda's inherent fault tolerance and automatic scaling capabilities to ensure the reliability of Smart.ADT IQ's processing functions. Lambda automatically distributes the execution across multiple availability zones, minimizing the impact of failures.

  • Amazon API Gateway: Use Amazon API Gateway to create, publish, and manage the API endpoints for Smart.ADT IQ. API Gateway provides built-in fault tolerance, caching, and throttling capabilities, ensuring reliable and responsive API performance.

  • Amazon Comprehend Medical: Extracts relevant medical information, within the ADT and CCD

  • AWS Lambda: Utilize AWS Lambda's serverless computing capabilities to optimize the performance of Smart.ADT IQ's processing functions. Lambda automatically scales based on incoming requests, ensuring efficient utilization of computing resources.

  • Amazon ElastiCache: Implement Amazon ElastiCache for caching frequently accessed data in Smart.ADT IQ. ElastiCache provides in-memory caching services, such as Redis or Memcached, improving the performance and reducing the load on backend systems.

  • Amazon CloudFront: Use Amazon CloudFront as a content delivery network (CDN) to improve the performance of Smart.ADT IQ's user interface and API responses. CloudFront caches content at edge locations, reducing latency and enhancing the user experience.

  • AWS Auto Scaling: Implement AWS Auto Scaling for any non-serverless components of Smart.ADT IQ, such as Amazon EC2 instances, to automatically adjust the capacity based on demand. Auto Scaling ensures optimal performance and cost-efficiency by dynamically scaling resources as needed.

Performance Efficiency Pillar

Cost Optimization

  • AWS Lambda: Benefit from the cost-effectiveness of AWS Lambda's pay-per-use pricing model. With Lambda, you only pay for the compute time consumed by Smart.ADT IQ's processing functions, eliminating the need to pay for idle resources.

  • Amazon S3: Utilize Amazon S3's cost-effective storage pricing options, such as S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (S3 Standard-IA) or S3 Glacier, for storing infrequently accessed ADT and CCD data. These storage classes optimize costs based on data access patterns.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Take advantage of Amazon DynamoDB's cost-efficient pricing model, which charges based on the provisioned throughput and storage consumed. Adjust the provisioned capacity to match Smart.ADT IQ's usage patterns and avoid overprovisioning.

  • AWS Cost Explorer: Use AWS Cost Explorer to gain visibility into the costs associated with Smart.ADT IQ. Cost Explorer provides detailed cost breakdowns, allowing you to identify cost optimization opportunities and make informed decisions.

  • AWS Lambda: Promotes sustainability by efficiently allocating compute resources and reducing energy consumption.

  • Amazon S3: Stores data in shared, multi-tenant hardware, optimizing resource utilization.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Provides a serverless database that automatically scales capacity, minimizing over-provisioning and reducing energy waste.

  • AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool: Helps measure, track, and reduce the carbon emissions associated with using AWS services.

  • Implement efficient data storage practices, such as using Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering, which automatically moves data between access tiers based on usage patterns, optimizing storage costs and reducing the storage footprint.

  • Take advantage of AWS's commitment to renewable energy by running Smart.ADT IQ on AWS regions that have a higher percentage of renewable energy mix.

Sustainability Pillar

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