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Smart.Imaging IQ

Smart.Imaging IQ is a cutting-edge managed service designed specifically for imaging and radiology centers, harnessing the power of AI and AWS serverless technologies to revolutionize the way medical orders are processed. By leveraging Amazon Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and AWS's suite of serverless products, Smart.Imaging IQ ensures compliance with the Well-Architected Framework while providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in capturing, classifying, extracting, and enriching critical patient and order data.


Smart.Imaging IQ is a game-changer for imaging and radiology centers to streamline the processing of medical orders. The service captures, classifies, extracts, and enriches essential data from medical orders, including provider information, patient demographics, health plan details, and patient identification. By automating these tasks and ensuring data accuracy, Smart.Imaging IQ empowers imaging and radiology centers to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, ultimately improving patient care and operational efficiency

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What we offer ?

Smart.Imaging IQ is a managed service that leverages AI and AWS serverless technologies to automate the processing of medical orders for imaging and radiology centers.

For Who ?

Smart.Imaging IQ is a service designed for imaging and radiology centers looking to optimize operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance decision-making processes.

Smart.Imaging IQ utilizes Amazon IDP and AWS serverless products to capture, classify, extract, and enrich critical data from medical orders, ensuring compliance with the Well-Architected Framework.

How do we Leverage AWS ?

Financial Benefits
  • Reduced labor costs associated with manual data entry and processing

  • Increased revenue through improved efficiency and faster turnaround times

  • Cost savings from serverless architecture, paying only for the resources consumed

  • Minimized infrastructure costs and maintenance expenses

  • Improved cash flow due to faster processing of medical orders and billing

Operational Benefits
  • Automated data capture and extraction, reducing manual effort and errors

  • Streamlined workflows and increased efficiency

  • Improved data accuracy and consistency

  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities

  • Reduced turnaround times for processing medical orders

  • Scalability to handle varying volumes of medical orders

Benefits of the Cloud Adoption Framework

By addressing each pillar of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, Smart.Imaging IQ delivers a comprehensive set of benefits that enable imaging and radiology centers to drive business value, empower their people, ensure governance and compliance, optimize their platform, enhance security, and streamline operations. This holistic approach ensures that the product aligns with the organization's overall objectives and stakeholder needs.

Business Perspective

The Business Value pillar focuses on how Smart.Imaging IQ delivers value to the imaging and radiology centers. Key benefits include:

  • Increased operational efficiency by automating manual tasks and streamlining workflows
    Improved patient care through faster and more accurate processing of medical orders

  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities based on enriched and validated data

  • Scalability to support business growth and handle increasing volumes of medical orders

  • Faster time-to-market for implementing new features and services

People Perspective

The People pillar emphasizes how Smart.Imaging IQ empowers and supports the staff at imaging and radiology centers. Benefits include:

  • Reduced manual effort and repetitive tasks for staff, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities

  • Improved job satisfaction and employee retention through the use of cutting-edge technologies

  • Enhanced collaboration between different teams and departments through centralized data access

  • Continuous learning and skill development opportunities for staff working with AI and cloud technologies

Governance Perspective

The Governance pillar ensures that Smart.Imaging IQ aligns with the organization's governance requirements and industry regulations. Key benefits include:

  • Ensured compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR

  • Centralized control and visibility over data governance and access management

  • Automated enforcement of security policies and best practices

  • Streamlined audit processes and reporting through comprehensive logging and monitoring

Platform Perspective

The Platform pillar focuses on how Smart.Imaging IQ leverages AWS services to build a scalable, secure, and resilient solution. Benefits include:

  • Flexibility to scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency

  • Rapid deployment and iteration of new features and services using serverless architecture

  • Seamless integration with existing systems and third-party services through APIs and SDKs

  • Automatic failover and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure high availability and business continuity

Security Perspective

The Security pillar ensures that Smart.Imaging IQ protects sensitive data and maintains a secure environment. Key benefits include:

  • Robust data protection measures, including encryption at rest and in transit

  • Fine-grained access control and authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access

  • Continuous monitoring and threat detection using AI-powered security tools

  • Regular security audits and penetration testing to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities

Operation Perspective

The Operations pillar focuses on how Smart.Imaging IQ simplifies and optimizes IT operations for imaging and radiology centers. Benefits include:

  • Simplified IT operations and reduced management overhead through the use of managed services

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting for performance issues and anomalies

  • Automated deployment and configuration management using infrastructure as code (IaC)

  • Streamlined incident response and troubleshooting processes through centralized logging and tracing

Leveraging AWS Well-Architected Framework

By leveraging these AWS products across the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, Smart.Imaging IQ can achieve a serverless architecture that is operationally excellent, secure, reliable, performant, and cost-optimized. This combination of services enables the product to deliver a scalable, efficient, and compliant solution for imaging and radiology centers.

The core AWS products for digitizing imaging and radiology medical orders and the associated images in Smart.Imaging IQ include:

  • Amazon Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Amazon Textract for extracting data from documents and forms.

  • Amazon Rekognition for analyzing medical images, Amazon S3 for durable and scalable storage of digitized orders and images,.

  • AWS Lambda for serverless computing and data processing.

  • Amazon DynamoDB for storing structured metadata and processing results.

  • Amazon API Gateway for creating secure APIs and integrating with other systems.


These products work together to efficiently digitize, process, store, and expose the data and functionality of Smart.Imaging IQ, enabling imaging and radiology centers to streamline their workflows, improve data accuracy, and enhance decision-making capabilities in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

The Core

Operational Excellence Pillar

  • AWS Lambda: Serverless compute service for running code without provisioning or managing servers, enabling efficient and scalable processing of medical orders.

  • Amazon CloudWatch: Monitoring and observability service for logging, metrics, and alarms, providing visibility into the performance and health of the Smart.Imaging IQ application.

  • AWS X-Ray: Distributed tracing system for analyzing and debugging applications, helping to identify and resolve performance issues and errors.

  • AWS Systems Manager: Centralized service for operational insights, automation, and configuration management, simplifying the management of the Smart.Imaging IQ application.

  • AWS CloudFormation: Infrastructure as code (IaC) service for provisioning and managing AWS resources, enabling consistent and repeatable deployment of the Smart.Imaging IQ infrastructure.

  • Amazon Cognito: User authentication and authorization service for secure access control, ensuring that only authorized users can access the Smart.Imaging IQ application and its data.

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): Fine-grained access control and permissions management, enabling secure access to AWS resources and ensuring the principle of least privilege.

  • Amazon VPC: Virtual private cloud for network isolation and security, providing a secure and isolated environment for the Smart.Imaging IQ application.

  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS): Managed service for creating and controlling encryption keys, enabling secure encryption of sensitive data at rest and in transit.

  • AWS WAF: Web application firewall for protecting against common web exploits, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

  • AWS Shield: Managed DDoS protection service, providing enhanced protection against distributed denial of service attacks.

Security Pillar

Reliability Pillar

  • Amazon S3: Highly durable and available object storage service for storing medical order documents and processed data, ensuring data durability and availability.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Serverless NoSQL database for high-performance and scalable data storage, providing reliable and fast access to metadata and processed information.

  • Amazon Aurora Serverless: Auto-scaling and serverless relational database service, enabling reliable and scalable storage of structured data.

  • AWS Lambda: Serverless compute for building fault-tolerant and highly available applications, ensuring the reliability of the Smart.Imaging IQ application.

  • Amazon API Gateway: Fully managed service for creating, publishing, and securing APIs, providing a reliable and scalable entry point for the Smart.Imaging IQ application.

  • AWS Lambda: Serverless compute for efficient and scalable processing of medical orders, automatically scaling based on incoming requests and optimizing performance.

  • Amazon S3: High-performance object storage for fast data retrieval, ensuring quick access to medical order documents and processed data.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Serverless NoSQL database with single-digit millisecond latency, providing fast and efficient access to metadata and processed information.

  • Amazon ElastiCache: In-memory caching service for improved application performance, reducing the load on the backend database and improving response times.

  • Amazon CloudFront: Content delivery network (CDN) for low-latency content delivery, ensuring fast and efficient delivery of static assets and processed data to end-users.

Performance Efficiency Pillar

Cost Optimization

  • AWS Lambda: Pay-per-use pricing model, eliminating the need for provisioned infrastructure and reducing costs by only charging for the actual compute time consumed.

  • Amazon S3: Cost-effective storage with different storage classes based on data access frequency, optimizing costs by storing infrequently accessed data in lower-cost storage tiers.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Pay-per-request pricing and automatic scaling based on demand, ensuring cost-efficient usage of the database resources.

  • AWS Cost Explorer: Cost management tool for monitoring and optimizing AWS spending, providing visibility into costs and helping to identify cost optimization opportunities.

  • AWS Budgets: Cost budgeting and alerting service to maintain control over expenses, enabling the setting of cost budgets and receiving alerts when costs exceed predefined thresholds.

  • Smart.Imaging IQ can analyze user behavior patterns and optimize the system's resource utilization accordingly. By understanding usage patterns, the solution can dynamically scale resources up or down, ensuring that the infrastructure is not over-provisioned and consuming unnecessary energy.

  • Leveraging serverless architecture patterns, such as AWS Lambda and Amazon S3, can significantly reduce the environmental impact of Smart.Imaging IQ. Serverless computing allows for efficient resource utilization, as the infrastructure scales automatically based on the actual workload, reducing idle resources and energy waste.

  • Smart.Imaging IQ can implement data archiving and lifecycle management policies to move infrequently accessed data to more energy-efficient storage tiers, such as Amazon S3 Glacier or Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. By storing data in the most appropriate storage class based on access frequency, the solution can reduce the energy consumption associated with data storage.

  • By leveraging AWS's energy-efficient infrastructure, such as the AWS Nitro System and AWS Graviton2 processors, Smart.Imaging IQ can benefit from improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Sustainability Pillar

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