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Intelligent Search Service

Intelligent enterprise search is a transformative technology that utilizes machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning to provide highly accurate and relevant search results across an organization's structured and unstructured data sources. By understanding user intent, learning from interactions, and integrating with other systems, intelligent search enables employees to quickly access the information they need, driving better decision-making and productivity in today's data-intensive business environment.

Amazon Kendra

Find answers faster with intelligent enterprise search powered by machine learning

Enhance internal search experiences

Improve employee productivity and unlock the insights employees need to make data-driven business decisions through a single search interface

Improve customer interactions

Reduce contact center costs with intuitive self-service bots, agent-assist solutions, and frictionless document access.

Integrate search into SaaS applications

Helps you find information faster with ML-powered in-app searches.

Unleash the Power of Intelligent Search

Amazon Kendra is the ultimate intelligent search solution for organizations looking to unlock the full potential of their data. Powered by advanced machine learning and natural language processing, Kendra revolutionizes enterprise search by understanding query intent, delivering highly accurate results, and continuously learning to improve over time.

  • Receive highly accurate answers with an easy-to-use enterprise search service powered by Machine Learning (ML).

  • Implement a unified search experience quickly across multiple structured and unstructured content repositories.

  • Use natural language processing (NLP) to get highly accurate answers without the need for machine learning (ML) expertise.

  • Fine-tune your search results based on content attributes, freshness, user behavior, and more.


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) successfully launched Talk2020, a tool that empowered readers to search transcripts and see exactly what U.S. presidential candidates said on various topics during the 2020 election. By closely collaborating with the AWS team and leveraging innovative services like Amazon Kendra for natural language search. The tool saw strong reader engagement, with usage spiking during key events, and drove increased site traffic and new subscriptions. This project demonstrates the potential for media organizations to use intelligent search and cloud technologies to provide readers with accurate, direct-source information on important topics

Nib Group utilized Amazon Kendra, an intelligent search service powered by machine learning, to enhance the capabilities of their chatbot, nibby. Previously, nibby would simply provide links to policy documents when asked about coverage, which was not very helpful for customers. To address this, Eliiza, a data science consultancy, used Kendra to build nibby's "Kendra Index" by ingesting over 40 product disclosure statements, policy PDFs, and FAQs. This allowed nibby to leverage Kendra's natural language search capabilities to quickly find and extract relevant information from the index, enabling the chatbot to provide accurate and detailed responses to specific customer inquiries about their insurance policies. Nib Group significantly enhanced nibby's ability to understand and address customer questions, reducing the need for human intervention and improving the overall customer experience.

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